We Have Gift Certificates, Money, and other Prizes to Raffle

We are getting ready to raffle off a bunch of gift cards just in time for the riding season to begin!  Stay tuned to our Facebook Page and our new Website for details!  We will be grouping a few gift cards together at a time, so check out what we have, and watch for the announcement to get your chance (or chances) to win!

This is what we have so far (all of these gift cards have been donated to us by members of the club or directly from the owners of the establishments!):

1. $30 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card (donated by Virginia Naevestad)

2. $25 Prepaid Visa Gift Card (donated by Virginia Naevestad)

3. $25 Gift Card to Logan's Bar and Grill (donated by Logan's)

4. 2 $20 Gift Cards to Oak Mountain (donated by Oak Mountain)

5. $25 Gift Card to Lakeside Licks Burrito's (donated by Lakeside Licks Burritos)

6. $25 Gift Card to the Over Rock Cafe (donated by the Over Rock Cafe)

7. $50 Gift Card to the Mountain Market (donated by the Mountain Market)

8. $50 Gift Card to the Oxbow Inn (donated by the Oxbow Inn)

9. $100 Gift Card to the Melody Lodge (donated by the Melody Lodge)

10. 2 50 Quart Elite Pelican Coolers (donated by VT Customs)

Don't forget, we are currently holding a raffle for your choice of $400 or a Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw!  Checkout our facebook page for details!