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Sunday, 25 December 2016 22:44


I think we call all breathe a sigh of relief!!! RIGHT?!  WE HAVE SNOW!!!!

(Here it is, our December's another long one!)

Trail Conditions as of 13 December 2016:

"Trails are OPEN.  Generally speaking, riding is GOOD with the following considerations: First, the base is NOT frozen as of the writing of this report.  I took a ride with 2 friends on Tuesday (12/13), and we found mud and water in the usual places (River Trail / Swamps / Low Spots).  Once we got out of town and on to the established base trails (Old Route 30 / The Tree Farm) we had a blast.  There is plenty of snow, just need the base to freeze.  The Lakes are NOT safe by ANY measurement.  They JUST froze over last Sunday, and with snow on them early, it will take much longer to establish a safe thickness.  STAY OFF the Lakes for now (unless you want to go swimming!).

We'll be packing and panning starting THIS weekend with the light groomers (Skandic and Quad).  That will help establish the base a the deep freeze comes into our area." ~Big Mike

For those of you that like to ride Perkins, keep in mind that logging is taking place there, and portions of the normal stretch are closed.  The town of Lake Pleasant has made alternate trails to circumnavigate these obstacles.  DRAG trails that lead to Perkins have remained relatively the same with only minor closures.  Please follow posted signs do not ride on any closed trails. Remember, like Big Mike said above, the trails aren't completely set up yet, so let's give them a chance to set up and get a nice base.  If you decide to go out riding, take it easy, and utilize caution.  Hidden rocks and other hazards, such as water holes, may catch you off guard in this early part of the season.

On another note, we would like to give a special shout out to the following people for volunteering their time to help get our trails ready for the snow:

Daniel Vanderlinden, Virginia Naevestad, Roger Hanenberg, Cheryl Hanenberg, Salvatore Guasto, Lauren O'Shea, Bill Waller, Daniel Lamarre, Daniel "Bud" Lamarre, Melissa Lamarre, Jason Serra, George Hoffman, Walker Russell, Michael "Big Mike" Walenczyk, Bill Kennedy.

"To all the Trail Workers - a VERY warm THANK YOU!!  You are AWESOME!"~Big Mike



Our groomers are geared up to hit the trails this year.  Our flagship, the PB-100 has been given a preseason makeover, and is ready to groom.  The BR's, the skandic, and Big Mike's Quad are also ready to go.  In addition, we are getting closer to obtaining the funding we need to get our next high class groomer.  The state funding process is slow, but we have started our journey down the road and hope to have the funds in hand to get a new groomer before the next season.


At the moment, we do not have any regular social gatherings outside of our trail maintenance days and monthly membership meetings.  Rest assured, we are working on that.  At the moment, we are considering coordinating some rides this winter that will be a "Tour of our Trails" or "Food Stop (restaurants)" oriented.  The goal of these trips would serve a few purposes: They would get the members of the club together, they help out local businesses by patronizing them, riders get to tour our trails, and they help raise funds for the club.  If this is something that interests you, let us know! We want to do something this season.  Your feedback and ideas are always welcome!

WEBSITE and Facebook

Our website will soon be undergoing some changes, so please bare with us if it is under construction while you are attempting to browse it.  When it is complete, we will make an announcement.  Until then, continue to check our Facebook page for the latest details on trail conditions and updates.


We have continued to sell sponsorships and apparel since our last newsletter.  We even had some volunteers hang out at the hill climbs at Oak Mountain on the 11th (thank you).  Multiple generous donations have come from members and local businesses alike, and we thank you for it.  In addition, we have received and are distributing NYSSA raffle tickets to help our cause.  The money we make from memberships, donations from members, apparel sales, and ticket sales will go directly into the efforts for the purchase of new grooming equipment and eventually a storage location for our groomers.

Here is another shout out from Big Mike, our Trail Boss:

"To all our members, please consider giving DRAG a monetary donation.  Some of you give a lot of time to help on the trails. As the Trail Boss, I appreciate ALL of those who help me with the trail preparation.  It's great to watch Daniel Vanderlinden slice and dice the weeds - it looks like he's on a cloud as the mist of all the water exploding off the grass as he wades through it all with his weed whacker - Awesome.  Watching Virginia Navestad work as she walks the trail to the worksite is marvelous - sticks, chunks of whatever, logs just flying off the trail.  She cleans it all up in BOTH directions!!!  And of course Sal Guasto's rolling work shop - Just rolls up to the bridge, and everything you need to redeck is right there!!  A "Professional". Finally, hearing that Sal and Lauren loaded the utility trailer BY HAND with shovels to do the BAT patchwork just warms my heart. These, and ALL the trail workers, commit SO much time (remember that most of them drive four or MORE hours ONE WAY just to help!!) to make riding more enjoyable.  Helping DRAG with a monetary donation of $100 or more seems like a pretty fair equivalence, all things considered."

While donations are not required to be a member of the club, they are greatly appreciated.  Our club has its foundations set in grooming and making our trails great.  We know that as a club our members are proud to be associated with D.R.A.G. of Speculator for that reason.  We are just starting to get some social events rolling, like stated earlier, so we can not rely on them for funds. In the meantime, we will be sending out mailers to all of our members here in the near future.  A copy of this newsletter, five $5 NYSSA raffle tickets, and a donation form will be enclosed.  You can choose to make a donation and/or buy/sell the tickets and then returning the stubs along with the money (in the form of a check) to us or the return address on the stub or donation form as applicable.  Anything you can do to help out will certainly be appreciated!  A copy of the donation form is also attached to this email newsletter for your consideration.  The benefits for being a donor are listed on the form.

A special thanks to those below for already helping out!

Capital Sponsors:
Charlie John's Store, Melody Lodge, The Lemon Tree, Mountain Market, Village Motorsports Yamaha, J&R Eldredge, Ace Reprographics, Patriot Consulting, Cedarhurst Motor Lodge, O'Connor Automotive.
Platinum Level Sponsors: Greenwood Lake Snowballers, Constantine Lenas, The Ellsworth's, Village Motorsports

Gold Sponsors: Tom and Linda Vollers, Jake Reis
Silver Sponsors: Bob and Nancy Carr, The Allen Family, Roger and Cheryl Hanenberg

Bronze Sponsors: Christie O'Connor (The Oxbow Inn)

(if you have donated and you don't see your name yet, our apologies, we will get you on the next one!  Thank you for your donation!)
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