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November Newsletter Print E-mail
Sunday, 20 November 2016 22:37
Here it is, the first shot at a newsletter.  More to come and improve over the next few months, but here we go! (this one is long, so grab a soda/glass of wine/beer/or whatever your beverage of choice is and enjoy!)

Hardly seems like summer is over , but –Happy Halloween/Thanksgiving/Veteran's Day !...A new season of riding is upon us. Let me say, speaking of Halloween, last year was a “trick” and definitely no “treat”. Of course that being said, it was the year of “Snowmobile preservation” and we should all be ready to go.  So, welcome to the 2016-2017 DRAG season of snowmobiling. Certainly was an interesting year. We met some unusual people along the way. Here’s a statement by Gladys Ohvurr- Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t ride once last season unless you count the short trip around my garage. I used over 2oz. of gas! Another comment by Luna Tick- After riding on dirt, gravel, sticks, leaves and ice chunks my sleds not looking to good. I guess it’s true you DO need snow for a better ride. Lastly a poem by Hugo Phurst- At the end of the trail there was this cliff- My sled was breaking and my back was stiff- They seem to run better when there’s some snow- But it was all downhill so I decided to go- Look’n back I should’ve stayed in bed- Could’ve saved my sled had I used my head.

First thing is first, we need snow!  A couple weeks ago, Speculator got tease.  The ground was covered with the white stuff we all pretty much equate to gold!  Let's keep our fingers crossed that we get more soon!
The preseason has presented us with plenty of opportunity to get our trails ready for the upcoming months.  Big Mike and his Trail Army have gotten things dialed in, and we are ready for Mother Nature to do the rest.  We have even had 2 after trail work gatherings (FOOD FOOD FOOD).  A big thanks to everyone that has helped out this fall.  There have been a few changes to the overall trail system, but rest assured, there will be options for quality riding.  One of the most notable changes will be
D.R.A.G. September General Meeting - 9/17/16 Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 September 2016 06:35
The 2016-2017 season is soon upon us!! Time to get the party started!! Everyone is invited to the September, D.R.A.G. General Membership Meeting scheduled for Saturday, September 17th at 7:00 pm at Zeizers located in Speculator NY on Rt 30. All D.R.A.G. general membership meetings are held on weekends so members... who live out of town can attend. D.R.A.G. is the ONLY NYSSA snowmobile club that maintains and grooms trails in Speculator, New York. If you enjoy riding the trails in this area we encourage you to join our club so we can continue to focus on providing safe and enjoyable trails for your riding pleasure. Join D.R.A.G. at https://membership.nysnowmobiler.com/club/show/1696 Please plan on attending .... Hope to see you there! Thanks
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